On life’s journey, we don’t necessarily take the course we originally plotted; my vocational and educational career has certainly been a tortuous path.  Between my junior and senior years in college, I took a summer job.  That job was at a local nuclear power plant; that summer job has lasted almost thirty-six years and changed the trajectory of my life by leading to a career in Radiation Protection (RP).  Throughout my career in RP, I have traveled across a good portion of the eastern United States, working at various commercial nuclear sites and for the Department of Energy.  Over the years, I have learned a good deal about nuclear power and radiation & contamination control; I have also leaned at least as much about people and their motivations.  That knowledge, along with a BS in Management of Human Resources, were very helpful during my times in a supervisory capacity. 

The latest exit on my journey has been more deliberate.  I became a Radiation Protection Instructor about eight years ago, and two years later, moved to my current position as an Instructor Trainer and Instructional Technologist.  Always in pursuit of self-improvement, I began a master’s degree program in Instructional Design and Technology.  This e-Portfolio contains details pertaining to what I have learned while completing the latest degree.  Please read through the pages of this e-portfolio and let me share the progress of my journey with you.


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